Taweez Her Kism Ka Hukm Manwane Ke Liye

taweezTaweez Her Kism Ka Hukm Manwane Ke Liye For Getting Our Any Order To Be Fulfilled”,Sometimes, it happens that the “LICENSEE” ignores to leave your house or Shop and not even pays the rent time-to-time,upon this he thinks himself the ‘Owner’ or ‘Licensor’ of your house or shop. So, in order to get rid of such Licensee’s, the Owner should read this Taveez for 40 days after Namaz-e-Asar for 11 times. After this or after completing this process for 40 days, dig this Taweez in your house or shop which you want to vacant. Inshallah, Licensee will on his own leave or vacant your house or shop.

Many a times, it happens that people get converted into each other’s enemies on a very few or simple talks. In other case some may get into enmity due to the feeling of jealousy from each other. So, in order to get rid of such enemies this Taveez plays a vital role. One should read the Taweez for 7 days, 7 times each day and after reading pray to Allah to get rid of this enmity. After this pack this Taweez in any clean cloth and tie It to any “Electric Pole”, Inshallah, soon you will get rid of your enemity and from your enemy too.

If you are facing Quarrelsome in your house, shop, factory, society, etc. or when brothers and sisters are not in a position to bear each other. So , in this case you could take into use this Taveez it is useful in the sense that one should read this Taweez for 7 days and 7 times each day and blow the readings on water. After this if you want peace, friendship in any relative matter or particular place then sprinkle the same water on that particular place. Keep Taweez along with you. Inshallah: peace, friendship & harmony comes to your doors.


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